How Flower Essences can help...

When you’re mentally overworked, physically depleted, and broken-hearted...
Flower Essences restore your energy and hope.

When you’re filled with fear and trying desperately to control...
Flower Essences calm your nervous system.
And when you’re holding back from speaking, feeling, and manifesting...
Flower Essences help you confidently face your challenge and take empowered action.

One of our superpowers is getting to the root level of what feels disjointing and overwhelming for you. We then provide a roadmap for healing so you can Claim Your Voice effectively in every area of your life.

Flower Essences are just one of the holistic healing modalities we offer that help you turn your sensitivity into your superpower by unifying your mind, body, heart, and spirit

Accelerate the healing process

Shift repetitive, stuck patterns into being able to make different choices

Bring us into harmonious connection with self, others, and the Earth

Safe for everyone, including children and pets

No side effects and can be taken with all medicines and supplements

The Benefits of Flower Essences

My clients have experienced powerful changes using my holistic healing modalities...

I am loving my remedy. I feel a mindset change and a sense of calmness. Things that would normally stress me out to the point of anxiousness, I'm now taking a deep breath and putting an action plan together. I'm also finding myself feeling a lot happier and more like myself. I'm doing things again that I have always enjoyed. At work I'm taking a new approach and don't feel like I'm at a fork in the road anymore.


“During an intense challenge with my business, I experienced panic attacks for the first time. I met with Jen and she created a Flower Essence Remedy for me. Within 2 to 3 days this difficult and overwhelming process no longer had control over me and my emotions. I experienced a returned confidence in the ability to make important decisions without fretting or experiencing another panic attack. I was back to my usual self and able to move ahead with my business as I desired.” 


”I’ll never forget a session that I had with Jen. I was blocked, frustrated and ran out of words. She encouraged me to express all of those feelings through movement. After the session, I felt so much better. I couldn't believe that I had worked through so much emotional stagnancy just by stepping into my body."


“I love how every remedy is uniquely created based on what my body and mind need in the moment. The affirmations provided with the remedies are always on point and helpful, some of which I remember after a long time has passed.”


“The flower essence remedy Jen created for me after the session was fantastic and helped the healing continue long after our in-person meeting.”


“The remedies help me move through blockages. Areas where I've been stuck for years now feel easier to work through."


“My work with Jen has been indispensable to my healing.
 Soon after my break-up, Jen led me through a ritual that provided
 a symbolic, embodied experience which greatly facilitated my process of letting go and moving forward. This experience unlocked something for me that I wouldn’t have been able to access through talk therapy alone.”


Holistic healing sessions may also include...

  • Breathwork
  • Sound
  • Movement
  • Art
  • Making an Earth Altar
  • 5 Element Massage
  • Reiki

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